21 Day Sugar Detox – Shopping for Supplies


January 5, 2014 by lclately

If you ever decide to take on a 21 Day Sugar Detox, or reduce you sugars in general, You will become painfully aware that EVERYTHING contains sugar. Kind of like gluten. It seems there are these pervasive and problematic ingredients that are causing a lot of damage… but we’re just munching away, most of the time oblivious. That being said, you can certainly mitigate your intake by being mindful, but it does turn grocery shopping, eating out and even shared meals into quite a state of affairs sometime.


By Day 4 of my 21DSD, I had exhausted my standard snacks a treats and was growing bored and restless. I kept looking at posts and recipes online for the 21DSD and was getting jealous. So I went shopping at my local organics/health food store Urban Organics. Here’s what I bought, and hopefully it helps someone figure out what “treats” or things to try while on a Sugar Detox.



I really enjoy kombucha, not the first time or anything… but after a couple tries I was hooked. I really like GT’s Kombucha and Rise Kombucha. If you want to brew your own, you can check this recipe. I’m going to make a batch of my own this week once I put together the necessary supplies. 8 oz a day on the 21 DSD is a go.

IMG_9520Nut Butter – Can you believe I had run out of nut butter? I flipping love nut butter and while I don’t advocate eating it by the spoonful, I’ve definitely done it. Too many nuts/seeds actually give me a lot of tummy trouble and some of my favourite nut butters contain a fair bit of sugar (Justin’s Nut Butter, Barney Butter, Sun Butter, etc.). My favourite only-nuts brands are Nuts to You Nut Butters and Artisana. I guess you can make your own, but nobody likes a hero… A tablespoon of this with a green apple or banana, or a hit post-workout. That’s what’s up.

IMG_9519 Sauerkraut & other Fermented Foods – 

When cravings hit, usually a bit of sauerkraut can actually save me. My favourite brands are Eden Organics and Firefly Kitchens. I picked up these Yin Yang Carrots… I couldn’t find the ingredients on the label at first, because there are only 3: Carrots, Ginger & Salt. Fermented foods are great sources of Vitamin C and Probiotics so eat up, ‘lil buddies.


Tea (Traditional Medicinals) –

IMG_9539I really love drinking tea in lieu of swallowing pills. It’s the hippie in me. Traditional Medicinals is my favourite line for specific herbal, non caffeinated, deliciousness. I swear it really works, and you get the added benefit of hydration during an illness, which we need. My 4 favourite that I restocked are:

Raspberry Leaf –  If you have a uterus, you need to drink this tea. It is more effective for me than Advil and muscle relaxers… insane but true. (My friend’s mom even gives it to her horse for uterine pain!)

Ginger Aid – For any digestive or stomach upset, I use ginger. It used to be too strong for me, but I’ve grown to love the spicy clean taste.

Breathe Easy – This blend beats out nasal congestion. There’s nothing worse than the pressure from a head cold.

Throat Coat – Soothing Lemon and Echinacea actually feel like it’s coating you throat from the scratchiness I’m feeling.

IMG_9503Last, but definitely not least:

Coconut Butter –

This stuff is so good. It tastes like cake icing. Maybe that’s a caveat for how much we should consume, but I figure it’s similar to that of nut butters… without the benefit of protein and omega- 6 fats – so it’s kind of a trade off. If nuts upset you stomach, try coconut butter! If you need more fat in your diet, try coconut butter… just try it for no reason ok? It’s good and I want to share this with you.

So there it is, here are some of the things keeping me on track and enjoying my 21 Day Sugar Detox. I get a kick from trying something new, especially when I like it. Keep in touch and let me know your favourite products that I need to try. Stay Groovy.

2 thoughts on “21 Day Sugar Detox – Shopping for Supplies

  1. aphare says:

    I recently learned about Kombucha and the amazing health benefits it offers. Brewing your own sounds like quite a process, and I wasn’t aware you can actually buy it ready made. I may go that route first to see if I can even stomach the stuff. Good luck with your home brewing…hope it turns out for you!

  2. […] If you want to see some of the treats that I got at the health food store, check out my post HERE. My first “test of wills” came later in my day when we went to Games Night. Our […]

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